About the service

Don’t let your car vanish

Do you want to know everything about your car? Install the SHERLOG Vision system to receive nonstop information on its location. You will be always informed about what is happening with your car by a text message or e-mail.

A practical helper

SHERLOG Vision is a universal helper. Apart from guarding your car it can inform you if it exceeds the permitted speed limit, leaves the defined area, and a number of other things you will choose on this portal, with which the device inside your vehicle communicates. Thanks to the web interface you will have maximum user comfort.

Credit in the amount of one year’s operating fees in the price

The SHERLOG Vision system is economical. The device installed inside your vehicle uses a SIM card to communicate with the portal www.sherlogvision.cz using the mobile operator’s technology. Credit in the amount of the first year’s operating fees is included in the basic price of the product. If you order supplementary services, you can control them here on the portal through your client account. The account can be then recharged with a credit card, for example.

An economical solution for every car

We offer two versions of SHERLOG Vision: SHERLOG Vision 1 and SHERLOG Vision 2. With SHERLOG Vision 1 all the messages are delivered directly to you as the car owner. With the version SHERLOG Vision 2 the device is connected to the SHERLOG Client Centre which will contact you if there is imminent danger and offer you assistance.